architect Mar Puig de la Bellacasa | Manel Casellas

location Montseny

client privado

dates proyecto – 2017 | obra- 2018/2019

area 160m²

collaborators Garazi Robredo (architect), Ares Feliu (architecture student), Pau Garrofé (architect)

quantity surveyor Lluís Segarra

constructor ARQUIMA


SG is a single family house fully integrates in the environment, in a forest area located in the Montseny.

An articulated volume adapts to the topography of a vegetated natural slope and faces south with maximum hours of sun and views.

The kitchen-dinning room and living room form a unique space in the southeast, with a porch facing the terrace in front. The rooms are just above, with large windows protected from the excessive sun with a wood visor.

The entrance through the middle articulates the two volumes and houses the staircase with a double space full of light.

The small volume is ob the Southwest side and includes the gest room and a small utility area accessible from the north façade.

The outside seeks integration in the environment. The facades are ventilated, finished with a horizontal wooden groove and grey pieces of cement with fibers in the areas that need extra protection. The exterior carpentry and the outer shutters to filter the light are also wood.

It is a projected house with a zero energy consumption objective, an industrialized house with a light wooden framework, with energy rating A.

Es tracta d’una vivenda projectada amb objectiu consum energètic nul, una casa industrialitzada amb estructura d’entramat lleuger de fusta. Amb qualificació energètica A.