architects Mar Puig de la Bellacasa 

client privat

date projecte – 2021 | obra- 2022

Surface 128m²

Collaborators Borja de Arquer, Gala Garcia, Mariona Sala

Structure Josep Nel·lo 

Assessors rgr consultoria energética

Image Borja de Arquer, Gala Garcia

In a cove in the north of the island of Menorca, with views to the sea and sheltered from the tramontana by pine trees, we have designed a house with criteria of efficiency and low environmental impact.

A set of white volumes separated by interstitial spaces gives rise to a volumetry with lights and shadows that emphasizes the architecture of the empty and full. A Mediterranean and natural aesthetic.

In the façade of the entrance, we find a sequence of volumes with transparencies and displacements in East West. A high volume of ground floor and floor takes you to the entrance. A central ground floor volume with a sequential roof of exposed beams and a certain height contains the diaphanous living space in the house and opens onto a porch facing the sea but sheltered from the wind. Then, another interstice leads you to the last ground floor volume raised 30 cm to adapt to the terrain. It contains a study and the main room facing south with access to the pool.

A wooden structure composed of walls and slabs of light timber and osb boards with insulation inside combined with continuous exterior Sate insulation, make a highly insulated envelope without thermal bridges.

Inside, the walls are covered with fiber-plaster boards and the ceilings leave the grid board, a three-leaf fir seen in the rooms and in the diaphanous space fir beams with ceiling and perimeter fir give warmth comfort to the spaces.

The exterior solar protections that prevent thermal bridges, combined with the good orientation and the active systems of renewable energy production consisting of an aerothermal assisted by photovoltaic panels confer this house of a quality, very high comfort and greatly prevent the emission of gases to the atmosphere.

To achieve grater comfort and avoid possible condensation the house will have controlled mechanical ventilation with completely isolated steps to avoid losses and respectful with the aesthetics of the exposed wooden ceilings.

The “Piedra en seco” and “piedra viva” pavements, the Sate facades with whitewashed mineral finish, the exterior shutters and wooden carpentry make up to the environment and that follows the concepts of cradle2cradle and the circular economy.