La canaleta


architects Mar Puig de la Bellacasa | Manel Casellas

location Vila-Seca, Tarragona

client Ajuntament de Vila-Seca/

dates project 2011-2012 | construction 2013-2014

area 3480m2

col.laboradors    Miguel Ángel Alcalde, Anna Pérez, Maria Puche i Josep Carrera, architects

structure Daniel Vidal i Miguel Nevado (project) Manuel Arguijo (construction)

engineering JSS enginyers

acoustics Ivana Rossell

budget Núria Roig

quantity surveyor Rossell Giner i associats

constructor Deco

In a planned but empty environment we had been asked to design a school in front of a square. We place a bar facing this square with two different entrances (the scholar one and the public uses for weekend) and containing administration, kitchen and sports hall. Two perpendicular bars of one and two floors contain the kindergarten and primary classrooms respectively. The construction system of laminated wood walls and floors reduces CO2 emissions and ecological footprint of the building.

La canaleta