architects Mar Puig de la Bellacasa 

client privado

date proyecto – 2022

area 1190m²

collaborator Gala Garcia, Mariona Sala, Raul Rullan

assessor Roser Vives, paisatge

image Nexe Visual, Gala Garcia

In a residential area of Barcelona, we have carried out a proposal for the refurbishment of a rationalist building.

With measures that limit energy demand, we achieved an environmentally conscious office building that incorporates criteria for the regeneration of urban space and promotion of sustainability with renewable energies.

A continuous insulated envelope with SATE system and mineral finishing provides a coat that limits the energy demand and avoids condensation.

The use of materials such as wood or lime allows us to achieve healthy spaces with low environmental impact.

We have incorporated into the project the proposal of vegetated spaces that function as a lung for the city, to the benefit of the user and the environment.

As this is an office building with high energy consumption expenses, we opted for the generation of renewable energy to help reduce costs and avoid CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The structural system, made up of longitudinal load-bearing walls, interlocked both by the floor slabs as well as the transversal walls of the communication core and by those closing off the four corners, has served to integrate and organise the several uses of the new offices.